Was mary sinless yahoo dating

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was mary sinless yahoo dating

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The sentence against the first parents was accompanied by the Earliest Gospel Proto-evangeliumwhich put enmity between the serpent and the woman: God puts enmity between her and Satan in the same manner and measure, as there is enmity between Christ and the seed of the serpent.

Mary was ever to be in that exalted state of soul which the serpent had destroyed in man, i. Only the continual union of Mary with grace explains sufficiently the enmity between her and Satan. The Proto-evangelium, therefore, in the original text contains a direct promise of the Redeemer, and in conjunction therewith the manifestation of the masterpiece of His Redemption, the perfect preservation of His virginal Mother from original sin.

For the theologian it is a matter of conscience not to take an extreme position by applying to a creature texts which might imply the prerogatives of God.

Immaculate Conception Of Mary Dec. 8 | Traditional Catholic Priest

Mary as the second Eve This celebrated comparison between Eve, while yet immaculate and incorrupt — that is to say, not subject to original sin — and the Blessed Virgin is developed by: In refuting Pelagius St. Sabae ; she was formed without any stain St. The Syrian Fathers never tire of extolling the sinlessness of Mary.

He says of them that, during the generation, they were filled and purified by the Holy Ghost, and freed from sexual concupiscence. Consequently according to the Damascene, even the human element of her origin, the material of which she was formed, was pure and holy.

Bernard and by others. Have you ever born false witness.

Was Mary born without original sin?

God condemned all of us to death because of a single sin, by a pair of humans, who had zero experience with life. Right off the bat, common sense tells us that the Bible, in Genesis, is preaching a twisted morality. Do you know somebody who has led an exemplary life? Certainly, you know many ethical, moral, people. The Bible says God had a grand, perfect design: Adam and Eve were perfect and sinless: Unless they pissed him off, of course.

was mary sinless yahoo dating

How do you like them apples? Time for plan C.

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This time, instead of genocide, God chose suicide. He came to Earth personally, as Jesus, to act out a script he inspired, in biblical prophesy, that ended with his own trial, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension back home to heaven.

was mary sinless yahoo dating

Why did God do this? If you know your dogma, you know he sacrificed himself on the cross so that man may be redeemed from sin and have everlasting life. Because God cursed Adam and Eve AND all their descendants — in perpetuity — with death, he had to provide some means for the redemption of man.

Because of Original Sin, man can never be innocent enough for eternal life. Perhaps the pretzel logic is too tangled for most to unravel. The Bible would have us believe — and doctrine upholds — that we are all miserable wretches who will be granted eternal life only if we love Jesus. Of course, this assumes we can trust God not to resort to a plan D or E or whatever.

Virgin mary sinless yahoo dating

After all, God is all-powerful and a perfectionist: God must regret cursing mankind with death. Anyway, I suppose God was hot-headed in his youth; the Old Testament clearly depicts him with a short fuse.

His word is law and immutable.