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Ironically, the children of those same uncooperative Hispanics continue to pass through the doors of opportunity opened wide by s activists. Still, great leaders often apply unconventional means to get results. Although land grants were not returned to their rightful owners at least not yethis success may be measured in other ways. Truly, the multi-faceted narrative is fascinating.

He now lives in Universal City, Texas. He is the author of several books. Books are available through Amazon. Ten Years Later is only one month away. Admission is free, but seats are limited. The Defend the Honor w ebsite is currently under renovation.

For more on the Awards, please go to www. These awards are the largest Latino cultural awards in the USA. For more information on the Festival or other Latino Literacy Now programs, please go to www.

Most importantly, the first U.

History Project/Proyecto de Historia

Anglo immigrants swore allegiance to the Mexican flag the symbol of Mexico, their new home. Also, to runaway slaves it represented freedom as they escaped to Texas from the U. Thus, because of its outright negative content, further analysis of equally offensive passages in the book serves no useful purpose.

The question is how can we dismantle deceptive Texas myths that continue to ignore the Spanish Mexican legacy in Texas? In one word, Education no pun intended. The SBOE can do this in three easy steps.

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First, heed the clear Tejano Monument message. Second, reject racist textbooks as the one currently being reviewed for adoption. Third, own up to the long-standing oversight and make early Texas history part of seamless mainstream Texas history in the classroom.

At this point, I remind readers that nowhere else in history has one ethnic group robbed another group of their heritage to embellish their own. These historic structures must no longer be marketed only because armed Anglo immigrants from the U.


They must be honored for their strength, beauty, and creativity of their Spanish Mexican builders. But the solution lies with the Census adding a question to the Census form that solicits the requisite answer as to the Hispanicity of the respondent when only one of the two parents is Hispanic.

How is this performative function a public policy issue? First, these responses in the aggregate may reveal a larger U. Hispanic population than is currently indicated by the Census count.

Hispanic population affects all manner of fiscal projections as well as social, political, and federal considerations.

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This should come as no great surprise given the diversity of racial and ethnic groups in the nation. According to one source, multiracial Americans are growing at three times the speed as the rest of the population Daily Mail, February 15, According to the Census, 2.

Bureau of the Census, This gives support to the prospects of more Hispanics in the general American population than attested to by the Census count. While my DMI profile does not bear directly on the inquiry of this work, it highlights the phenomenon of dual-multiple identities. My goal in this work is not a sociological or psycho-social discussion of dual-multiple identity formation but an inquiry of how—if at all—dual-multiple identity is captured by the Decennial Census.

According to the Census, 6.