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HUSBAND: Kristian Huselius (a forward with the Columbus Blue Jackets.) . Here are some other key dates in what I call the Hyper-accelerated Household Contact Membership VP at [email protected] for more info. MOMS. Who's Hot: Huselius scored against the Rangers to extend his points streak to five games (four goals, four assists). . and expectations for the rest of the season in standard Yahoo leagues. . THIS DATE IN HISTORY: Dec. Newcomers Kristian Huselius, R.J. Umberger and Craig MacDonald all scored . these projections provide fantasy owners with the most up-to-date . and expectations for the rest of the season in standard Yahoo leagues.

But the rest of the top 10 has its surprises. Who do you believe are the easiest and more difficult teams to be a fan of in the NHL? Half of each team's score was tied to its performance during the past 10 seasons. A team was awarded 10 points for each overall championship over that span, as well as six points for each losing appearance in the title game, three points for being eliminated in the semifinals of the playoffs, and one point for being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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Eight teams, as a result, divided a total of 26 points in each of a sport's 10 seasons. The total year scores for all teams were then converted to a standard deviation scale. The other 50 percent of each team's score was based on the number of seasons that have elapsed since the team last reached three key landmarks: Its most recent overall championship Its most recent appearance in the title game, whether winning or losing Its most recent appearance in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, whether winning or losing If a team has not reached a given landmark in its history, the figure inserted in the appropriate category was the number of years the franchise has existed.

Each team's year totals in the three categories were converted to standard deviation scales. There are also bonus points and additional context, but you get the gist.

And now you get the Top So the essential first question about this study is: Of course not, which is why this methodology lets the study down on a few of these choices. It's gotten progressively more difficult for Ducks fans to root for this team, as the championship glow faded and Scott Niedermayer retired. The desire to have Teemu Selanne play until he's 70 is partly based on genuine affection for his game but also a desperate grab at nostalgia.

There's a lot to love about the Ducks — the list's justification is here — but the notion that they're second to the Wings and Penguins as far as the scarcity of fan anxiety and frustration is nuts. Unless there's just utter complacency amongst Ducks fans, which we'll get to in a moment. We'll also attack the methodology on the New Jersey Devils being ranked as the No.

Sorry to get all temporal paradox on you there. First, it's never been easy to be a Devils fan — and I'm speaking from experience, obviously — because they've had an allergy to offense for decades and their public relations engagement was about as warm as that of the Internal Revenue Service.

What better way to show your knowledge than to pick some unknown or little known rookie that nobody else knows much about. I know I like following prospects and want to jump on the bandwagon somewhat when the players are entering the NHL. It's much more exciting cheering for some unknown commodity than picking some boring old guy like Martin Lapointe.

While other players in your fantasy pool are going to the established retreads that never pan out Valeri Bure, Dainius Zubrusyou could get someone from under their nose that outperforms them.

If you get a rookie that is hot early in the year, you'll likely be offered a trade or two that will allow you to trade for a player that is likely to outperform your rookie over the course of a season Think of flipping someone like Jason King once he starts cooling down Aye, but are the rewards worth the risks?

Let's take a look at the top scoring rookies from the past 3 NHL seasons. Only 4 players topped the 50 point plateau in the past 3 NHL seasons: Ilya Kovalchuk and Dany Heatley, who are incredibly rare and special talents, and the surprising Michael Ryder and Trent Hunter, both of whom were older rookies with some development behind them both were 23 years of age that season.

It looks like most modern-day rookies fall between the point range. Maybe Thomas Vanek of Buffalo. Otherwise, I'd expect the point range for most rookies and draft accordingly. One other point I'd like to make is that many rookies will, obviously, make many defensive mistakes.

I'd also take a look at some of the rookie seasons of today's stars. With the new NHL rules, and an extra year of development for some rookies, it certainly does throw a few extra variables into the mix. Still, the new rules will affect all rookies and all players, so you'd have to figure it's best to analyse players based on past trends rather than trying to just take a shot in the dark. Why couldn't the New NHL get with the 21st century and give us some statistical satisfaction?

I am actually quite thrilled that the NHL has really been picking up the ball lately, with some drastic improvements to their website over the past week or so. They didn't even have preseason boxscores available for a time, but now you can get the boxscores, Superstats, Shift Charts, and a bunch of other stuff that makes us Stat Geeks all googly moogly.

They still don't have any preseason stats in their database or on a separate page like CBS Sportsline, but the NHL seems to be making genuine steps in improving its online product. In this new alliance, STATS will operate as the exclusive third-party licensor of the league's real-time data feed as well as a licensor of the NHL's video highlights.

STATS will provide data and player statistics for use on the nhl. What we really need to see A true database that shows complete stats for each player, team, etc You can go to any player and any year and get complete and very detailed stats. Bring back the Superstats. With STATS running the show in each arena, those employees can be trained to take down these stats with a greater level of consistency than in the past where each arena just hired whomever off of the street.

Include these Superstats in the database and give some depth to the overall statistical coverage.

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During games, I'd expect to see some more in-depth stats used by the colour commentators and PBP dudes. Louis Blues sold to Checketts It looks like the St. Louis Blues finally have a new owner: Checketts earned his moniker from his days running the Rangers franchise into the ground with his authorization of some extremely bad contracts and the tendency to overpay for washed-up talent.

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Theoren Fleury probably sends him card every Christmas. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

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Louis Blues have signed a letter of agreement to sell the hockey franchise and the lease to Savvis Center to businessman David Checketts. He lives in Connecticut and his roots are in the NBA. At 28, he became president and general manager of the Utah Jazz, making him the youngest chief executive in NBA history.

He then spent a year as the general manager of NBA International, where he worked to increase the league's presence around the world. Checketts, a former NBA executive, was president of the New York Knicks in and set records for attendance, television ratings and revenue under his watch.

Checketts is definitely a business man first, a basketball man second, and a hockey man th. So, I'm willing to give him a chance. Louis institution, will be closing down. Louis Blues fans could. If this is true, the GNR will be sadly missed. Childhood Trauma's warped mind produced this Top 11 list of why this potential sale would be a good thing The Laurie's need money to buy someone to pass the bar exam for Paige.

After putting up hoops in Somalia, Checketts is ready to put down roots in Fenton 9: Who better to replace a basketball loving, hockey idiot than a basketball loving, hockey idiot? The deal will be financed with "Tiger" bucks. The Saavis Center already has a full sized basketball court in the owners box 6: Nancy Laurie wants to insure the team moves on to someone who cares for it in the same way she did.

Louis sports team, just like they always did. Mark Sauer pulled the "sell the team now" string on Bill Laurie. Checketts is already familiar with the taste of Bettman's butt from the old days!

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The general laziness of the media is inexcusable, and I really hate seeing the Slavs marginalized in such a manner. I know that the most of the European and Slavic sports commentators make a good effort to pronounce 'Anglo' or other foreign names the 'correct' way.

They are spreading even more false information. It's bad enough that the official NHL Pronunciation Guide Produced by nasal voiced Doc Emrick is full of more errors than your last math test, but now I see posters on weblogs and message boards 'correcting' people with the wrong information. Normally, I'd have no problem with Craig A heads up to sports highlights hosts: If you are going to correct someone's pronunciation, make sure you have it right!

Jes, according to him, it's not the way you say. Maybe he's Americanizing his name, I dunno. Why would he want people mispronouncing his name? If you say Me-say-ros in Slovakia, you'd get smacked with a homey sock and dumped over the border in Poland. You should try and get people to say it the right way, so that the Slovak players wouldn't have such an inferiority complex with it comes to their surnames Which they do Craig: According to him, it's Mez-are-os, not Me-say-ros.