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Buy The Mentalist: The Complete Sixth Season: Read Movies & TV TV-NR Subtitles and Closed Captions Language: English Runtime: 41 minutes Release date: September 28, .. Format, Amazon Video (streaming online video). The Mentalist" Season 6 Episode 7 ("The Great Red Dragon") airs Sunday, Nov. 17 on CBS at p.m. ET/PT. Catch the live stream of the. On the season premiere, Jane and Lisbon secretly continue their dangerous mission to narrow Closed Captions Language: English Runtime: 41 minutes Release date: September 28, .. Format, Prime Video (streaming online video).

The whole team at times, but special mention goes to Jane and Cho. Jane isn't even a cop and somehow manages to always get away with blatant disregard for any rules, and Cho, who's proven just as eager as Jane to step over boundaries is an extremely interesting variation of the trope Cho in "Blood In, Blood Out": Reed, I apologize for accusing you of several crimes which I knew you had not committed. And for assaulting you. In one episode, it is revealed that Jane routinely checks the shoe bottoms of people in wheelchairs on the off chance that they are faking it.

He says that the events of the episode was the first time it paid off. Jane has been questing to get Red John back for 5 seasons now at the risk of his job, his friends, and possibly his sanity as his attempts get progressively more extreme. There was one in "Code Red" regarding Lisbon and Jane's relationship before the series started, that Lisbon knew Jane would never swear on his child's grave, "not for anything".

And "Every Rose has Its Thorn" had Jane comment that he and Lisbon have known each other for seven years although not that they have been working together that long. Jane and Lisbon's first meeting is shown in the fifth season origin episode "Red Dawn": Jane met Lisbon and Cho and started working as a consultant for the department about a year after his family was murdered. Jane tries to prank Lisbon by hiding her keys in a puzzle box he had trouble solving.

She breaks it open with a hammer she keeps in her desk. When the little boy she babysat for as a teenager deliberately locked her out of his house, Lisbon threw a brick through the basement window to get back in — and then insisted on paying her employers for the window, because she was such a "straight arrow," TJ Mullins says in the seventh season episode "Little Yellow House". Episode "Copper Bullet" ends with the team enjoying themselves at a concert of some band. Everybody's dancing — Jane with Lisbon, Abbot with his wife Lena, Wylie with his crush Vega — except for Cho who decides to get one more taco and doesn't seem to mind that he's not with anyone.

The series finale "White Orchids" ends with Jane and Lisbon's wedding. The last but one scene has their friends and family dancing happily to song "September".

The series ends with the newlyweds glowing with happiness, Teresa telling Patrick she's pregnant. Lorelei Martins in season 5 episode An unusual brute force version. Dark and Troubled Past: The only ones that don't have this that we know of are the ones who haven't had much of their past revealed.

Jane had a morally-ambiguous and insensitive father and his own showboating got his wife and daughter murdered. Unsurprisingly, he's had some issues ever since. Lisbon had an alcoholic father who, after the death of her mother, committed suicide and left her to care for her siblings She notably has major trust issues.

Cho apparently grew up on the shady side of the law, exposed to a lot of gang violence. He was a member of the gang Avon Park Playboys, where his nickname was "The Iceman", because if the gang wanted something done cold, they got Cho to do it. He later spent some time in juvenile hall and straightened out his life when he joined the U.

Rigsby's father was a biker and a criminal, which apparently didn't work out so well, as he really hates bikers. Van Pelt grew up in a small town and was judged and held back based on her appearance and gender as a kid.

This did not combine well with her ambition, and, for a while, she had trouble taking her focus off her work. It is also strongly hinted someone close to her e. Lorelei Martins, who knows Red John, had a sister who was sold to another family and was later killed by Red John, though she doesn't believe that it was Red John who did it. If you compare this show to other police procedurals. His constant dickery aside, this show is about Jane's quest for vengeance.

He's not actually interested about justice, truth, and law enforcement. All Patrick Jane wants is to murder the murderer of his family. Contrast Psychespecially. Two shows with basically the same premise, but Shawn is happy-go-lucky and solves crimes for fun and profit, where Jane is troubled and self-hatingonly using his position at CBI as a means to find Red John.

This has now happened in-show as well. Whereas previous seasons have been more of the "victim of the week" type with the Red John arc blended in, the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6 have been almost exclusively about the hunt for Red John. In "Redline", the killer stuffs the body into the trunk of a sports car when security shows up unexpectedly.

The killer is unable to retrieve the body and the car ends up on the showroom floor. Death by Origin Story: Patrick Jane's wife and their daughter. She's a lot more lenient with her team than she used to be, Jane and his wacky schemes in particular. Department of Child Disservices: Patrick Jane briefly spent some time in foster care as a child and found it an unpleasant experience, as he says in the sixth season "Red John's Rules".

In earlier episodes, Jane went out of his way to make sure the children they interacted with on cases did not end up in foster care.

Cho gets injured on duty, and his doctor gives him pain medication which he takes as needed. Over the course of several episodes we see him popping pills. Eventually he realizes he's becoming addicted to them, so he flushes the remainder of the pills down his toilet and never takes them again. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Steven Rigsby succumbs in the arms of his son in "Blood Feud".

A suspect uses one in proclaiming his innocence. Agent Marcus Pike, Lisbon's significant other in a handful of sixth-season episodes. Season 1 starts with a black screen wich the following text slowly fading in: A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior. Donut Mess with a Cop: Lisbon's team sometimes treats themselves to donuts and pizza as a reward for the successful closure of a case.

Jane tends to subtly mock other cops through donuts. He once gives Bosco's unit a box full of donuts as a symbol of truce, claiming that he quit pursuing Red John's case.

Once he is out of office, Bosco orders his men to throw the donuts away. Unknown to the unit, Jane has secretly placed an eavesdropper at the time. Van Pelt gives one to Rigsby in "Red Bulls" for not wearing a bulletproof vest They two of them were working together on the assignment, and it was purest luck that Grace rather than Wayne had been the one to get shot.

The bulletproof vest had just saved her life; if Wayne had opened the door Grace had, he would have died. New team leader Kimball Cho delivers a dope slap to the back of Agent Jason Wylie's head in the series finale when Wylie requests a transfer because he doesn't think he's that good in the field.

Cho then asks Wylie to stay with the team. Do You Trust Me? Jane and Lisbon do a trust fall in the first-season episode "Carnelian, Inc". It's my job not to trust you. Lisbon, I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens, I will be there for you. I need you to know that. Now, can I catch you? This is the dying act of O'Laughlin to spite Grace. Dropped a Bridge on Him: This was on the anniversary of his family's death. Since he had a "regular table" with two empty places, it is possible he does this on special dates birthdays, happier anniversaries, etc.

Whether the message is complete or even if it was written by the victim or Red John himself are questions still open to speculation. The entire main cast. Every single one of them has a Dark and Troubled Pastusually involving a prior criminal career or Abusive Parents.

Or, in Jane's case, both. Earn Your Happy Ending: Jane joined the CBI with only the idea of finding and killing Red John in his head, after losing his wife and daughter. Several years later, he has made many friends, his life is stable, he has found Red John, and he is not only married to Teresa Lisbon, but she is also pregnant. Jane in "Devil's Cherry", who, as usual, helps himself to the victim's supply of tea The belladonna and tea end up being crucial evidence.

He's like a drunk uncle. She has a lot of fun subjecting him to this. In "Scarlet Ribbons", a security guard is found dead in his bathtub with a hairdryer dropped into it. Since the guy is bald they pretty quickly infer that it was not an accident. Patrick Jane and his dead wife, Angela Ruskin, ran away together to get married. Angela, like Jane, was a Circus Brat Jane describes her as "carnival royalty"but she hated the carny life and wanted to get away from it.

She also wanted Jane to stop working as a Phony Psychicbut he was unable to give up the lucrative lifestyle. When Teresa sees how large their wedding is getting, Patrick suggests eloping. Then they really decide to relocate the wedding because there is a serial killer going after Patrick, but the whole party relocates as well.

Patrick Jane purchases or rather, extorts, a very large diamond engagement ring to give to Teresa Lisbon in the series finale. Lisbon thinks it's gorgeous but says it's too much and she can't accept it. Jane insists on giving it to her and wins the argument.

Even Evil Has Standards: Red John does NOT tolerate "poor imitations" of his work, and is even kind enough to spare the life of the patsy the main perpetrators of the plot blackmailed into it with his mother's life no less with merely a shot to the leg. In the Season 4 episode "Pink Champagne on Ice", a woman who is planning to rob a casino kills her accomplice, finding him too evil as he laughs about killing the room-mate of the girl he kidnapped as a hostage.

The woman, Trish, is prepared to kill the hostage and two people who can recognize her despite them giving her the money. She says she would have felt terrible about it though.

Played straight in season 5 episode 12, when Tommy Volker and a hired hitman drive up to an apartment building to murder a witness to a previous murder done under Tommy's orders.

When the hitman discovers that said witness is a nine-year old boy, he immediately rejects the job, saying he's never killed a child before and he's certainly not going to start now. Everyone Can See It: Everyone can see that Bosco is in love with Lisbon, apart from her. Everyone can plainly see the sexual tension between Rigsby and Van Pelt as well even the Attorney General of California, according to Lisbon.

When they start secretly dating, everyone catches on immediately Everyone knew there was something between Jane and Lisbon.

Rigsby and Van Pelt knew. Sean Barlow, the fake psychic Jane knew growing up, knew the second he laid eyes on Lisbon. Lorelei Martins casually brought it up before asking Jane to kiss her. Wylie thought he knew. Poor Pike had his suspicions. Jane's hallucination of his daughter knew. Red John's plans to thwart the CBI nearly always involve these. The most evil one was in the season 3 finale. By sending an accomplice who pretends to be him to meet Jane, Red John essentially gives Jane a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't option.

One, Jane kills the accomplice, but ends up in prison.

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Two, Jane doesn't kill the accomplice, but rots himself with the guilt of missing his best shot at what he thought was Red John. Thankfully, Jane survives the battle, and the war goes on. In "Ruby Slippers", the body in the burnt-up car was dead to begin with, and the supposed victim underwent a transformation. First time, he is shown from behind. Second time, he is seen wearing a mask. The producers promised Red John would finally be seen in the season 3 finale He was finally revealed in season 6.

He immediately tries to get them to pose for him. The end of "Red Carpet Treatment" takes pains to show that revenge really is sweet and worth it, even if you have to invest years of your life, spend lots of money, and risk life in prison to get it. Rigsby is seen wet and shirtless and then dry in a small t-shirt in "Blood Brothers". The dead undercover narc in "Pink Top".

That epically short skirt, tight dress, and big breasts In the first season, Lisbon was rather frumpy. With season 2, she got the usual upgrades—new hair, better clothes, high heels and she ain't frumpy no more! Fate Worse than Death: Whatever Red John does to Kristina Frye, it makes her think that she is actually dead. In "Red Sails in the Sunset", Jane tells Lisbon Lorelei kidnapped him to avoid getting in hot water for breaking Lorelei out of prison.

The deadly and charming manipulator Erica Flynn, seen in three episodes of the series, Lorelei Martins, a recurring character in the fourth and fifth seasons, and Jennifer Sands.

Rockmond Dunbar as Abbott and Emily Swallow as Fisher, until it was subverted by a surprise season seven pickup. Jane starts out cheating using his supposed psychic powers. Later, he just plain cheats. Lisbon flags down a car, flashes her badge at the driver and commandeers the car to go after him. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Teresa Lisbon is uber responsible, while all three of her younger brothers have gotten themselves into jams throughout the series that Teresa has to help them out of.

Follow the White Rabbit: A hallucinating Jane chases a rabbit that leads him to his daughter in the episode "Devil's Cherry". A Fool for a Client: Jane represents himself in the trial mentioned below. Jane is brought to trial for murdering Red John in season 4 premiere. He is found not guilty. Friend to All Children: Jane loves children, possibly due to losing his daughter. Lisbon also seems to have a major soft spot. Lisbon actively uses this against Jane in the premiere of the program's third season, bilking him into working on a case he didn't want to work by introducing him to the victim's daughter, who's about the same age Jane's daughter would have been were she alive.

It works, and Jane's impressed, but he also tries to make her feel guilty about it for the rest of the episode and says that he's going to have his revenge. Jane gives a giggle and says that he thought that she meant that Palm Desert wasn't in California. There is a delay of about two to three seconds, and then "California" appears underneath that. Patrick Jane says it to Lorelei Martins after she first reveals that she is working for Red John and offers the "hand of friendship".

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Getting Crap Past the Radar: In Season 5, Episode 3, "Not One Red Cent", Jane tricked Van Pelt into a bet of who could get the name of a suspect first, and the loser had to buy lunch the rest of the week.

He tricked her by watching how the pen moved when she wrote the name. When he told her, she said, "This is what I think of your trick," and then wrote something down on the pad of paper in front of her. Jane said, "The second word was 'you', but I didn't get that first word. Stutzer in "Red Brick and Ivy". After being unwittingly part of a masquerade to find out the real killer, and being told his invention—years and years of work—works when it actually doesn't, he finally finds out.

He's briefly disappointed, then takes it in true scientific fashion: Our friend The Trickster Patrick Jane outsmarts villains by getting in their head, not blowing it off with a gun.

Have You Told Anyone Else? The killer in "Red Alert", when confessing the details of his second murder, which he committed because the victim had stumbled across evidence that had the potential to reveal his attempt to frame someone else for his first murder, notes that "she said that she hadn't told anyone else [about the evidence], so I met her at her home [and killed her]".

He Cleans Up Nicely: No business like Cho business! When Hightower rolls in, Jane gets explicit Hero Insurance. Hero with an F in Good: Aside from performing good deeds, Jane fails to follow most of the typical practices of "good" people. The Red Tattoo When a prominent member of Visualize is mysteriously killed, Jane investigates in the hopes that the case will provide a clue that will lead him to Red John. October 26, Not available 6. November 9, Not available 7.

November 16, Not available 8. Red John Patrick John finally comes face to face with Red John, the serial killer he's tracked since the madman murdered his wife and daughter ten years ago.

November 23, Not available 9. My Blue Heaven Two years after the Red John case was put to rest, Jane's newfound peace is interrupted by a surprising job offer that could change everything for him.

November 30, Not available Green Thumb The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane's help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won't help unless Lisbon is brought on board as well. December 7, Not available January 4, Not available January 11, Not available Black Helicopters Jane joins a separatist commune to find out how a U. March 8, Not available Grey Water Jane and Fischer investigate a murder at an oil fracking site, while Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to Austin to reunite with the team and help investigate suspects in the string of attacks on former CBI team members.

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March 15, Not available White as the Driven Snow Jane and Rigsby race to save Van Pelt from the killer who is hunting former CBI members, but it will take all of Jane's skills to locate her before its too late. March 22, Not available Violets Jane enlists his colleagues in a dangerous ruse to trap a team of art thieves.

Meanwhile, sparks fly between Lisbon and an agent from the FBI's art squad.