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Biologie der Pflanzen

pflanzenkunde online dating

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To keep everything running smoothly, each compartment has its specific place. Substances are transported from one organelle to another, from one cell to the neighboring cell.

pflanzenkunde online dating

It is this asymmetry, which is determined by genes and performed, maintained and controlled by innumerable molecules, that researchers describe as cell polarity.

When it is disrupted, the effects are dramatic. In most plants, the root grows downwards and the shoot upwards. The Professor of Plant Physiology takes a jar from the climate chamber with thale cress seedlings that are only a few days old. The little plants with the scientific name Arabidopsis thaliana, do not seem to know which way is up and which way down. The seedlings grow in all directions - look crooked and sick.

Plant physiologists call this process gravitropism.

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It allows plants to anchor their roots deeply in the soil and lets the shoots and leaves grow in the opposite direction. Grebe is particularly interested in those plants in which this mechanism is disrupted - because defects were introduced into their genetic information - leading to changes in the function and the distribution of individual proteins in the plant cell. Plant physiologists deliberately switch off specific genes in order to subsequently investigate the functions of these genes in the plant.

To be able to examine such a plant, Grebe first has to grow it in the laboratory. He treats plant seeds with a chemical reagent, a so-called mutagen, which alters individual DNA building blocks.

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The plants that develop from these seeds have mutations. After applying a chemical mutagen, a plant may have mutations. And then the researchers have to find the needle in a haystack to identify the plant with the desired mutation - which was randomly generated.

pflanzenkunde online dating

When enlarged, each individual root cell is visible in the delicate seedling measuring only a few millimeters. While cells of healthy seedlings are evenly spaced and close together, individual cells in the diseased plants look strangely displaced and disorganized due to the maldistribution of an important protein, which regulates their growth.

The proteins and lipids Grebe is interested in are usually located on only one side of the plant cell - at the top, at the bottom, directed towards the middle of the plant or towards its outside.

Researchers call this phenomenon cell polarity. Organelles, membranes, and molecules are not evenly distributed in the cell but asymmetrically and in defined places. Only there are they able to fulfill their specific function.


The researchers identify new genes and their functions In a healthy plant the plant hormone, auxin, regulates amongst many other processes the development of lateral shoots and root hairs.

To this end, it is transported in a specific direction - downwards in the stem of the shoot and in the inner root cells but upwards in the outer root cells. The delivered items are to be marked clearly. A transport insurance policy is only taken out on the express wish and at the expense of the buyer.

One-way packages are charged at cost price. Packaging and transport costs as well as cartages may be charged forward. Delivery by trucks can only take place on roads passable on all sides.

pflanzenkunde online dating

In case of weather catastrophes as, e. If a delivery is rendered impossible owing to the aforesaid circumstances, we are released from our delivery commitments. Any claims for damages cannot be asserted by the buyer. Fixed terms of delivery are only binding if they are confirmed in writing. We expressly reserve the right to deliver in instalments. Measures and Samples 1. All measures given are approximate measures.

The samples merely show the average qualities, but the plants must not all be the equivalent of such sample. Reservation of Title 1. The seller retains title to the delivered goods until all claims arising from the business relation have been settled including ancillary claims.

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Until revocation by the seller, the buyer is entitled to resell the reserved goods in an ordinary course of business. The buyer is not entitled to any other dispositions of the reserved goods, which, in particular, applies to pledging or the transfer of ownership by way of security. The seller accepts this assignment.

From this date, the buyer herewith authorizes the seller to inform the third party about the assignment and to collect the claims by himself.

pflanzenkunde online dating

The reserved goods shall be stored separately, away from other plants. This shall also be the case if they are covered with earth or planted.

The seller is obliged to care for the reserved goods by appropriate storage, planting, fertilizing, and watering, without remuneration. Guarantee and Warranty 1. A guarantee that the plants will take root is not given.

In case the buyer expressly wishes to be granted such guarantee, this may be invoiced separately. This guarantee extends over the period of one year from the date of delivery and takes for granted that the seller has cultivated the plants as required by their species. This in particular includes correct depth of planting, fertilization and irrigation.

Cases of force majeur, especially drought, frost, pest infestation, etc. A warranty for genuine varieties is only given upon express wish. In the case of fruit trees, the genuineness of both the varieties and the required documents is warranted until the end of the fifth year from the date of delivery.

As regards berries, roses and other woody plants warranty is only given until the end of the second year from the date of delivery.

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However, no guarantee is granted for the genuineness of subsequent propagations. In the case of root stock and young plants the supplier warrants the genuineness of the delivered varieties for the period of one year after the date of delivery.

The plants are to be checked upon delivery.