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naruto shippuden 306 online dating

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 306 Subtitle Indonesia

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naruto shippuden 306 online dating

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Naruto sends Sai to look for Sasuke while he deals with Orochimaru. Yamato and Sakurasensing Naruto preparing to fight, arrive to help, but Orochimaru decides to retreat instead.

naruto shippuden 306 online dating

As Sai combs the area, Yamato goes through the belongings he left behind. Naruto does not believe Sai would do that, which Sai confirms when he locates Sasuke, telling Sasuke that he wants to reunite him with Naruto.

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Chapter " The Time of Reunion…!! Sasuke attacks Sai for disturbing him, destroying their portion of the base. Team 7 is drawn to the area. Sakura starts to ask Sai what his real intentions are when she notices Sasuke. She and Naruto are speechless to see him again after two-and-a-half years since he left Konohagakure. Chapter " Whim…!! Sasuke asks where Kakashi is, so Yamato explains that he is Kakashi's stand-in. Sasuke concludes that Sai is therefore his own stand-in, and repeats Sai's claim that he wants to restore the bond between himself and Naruto.

He laughs at the idea, but Team 7 realises they were wrong to doubt Sai and accept his help with bringing Sasuke back to Konoha. Sasuke has no interest in returning, so suggests killing Naruto to make things easier. Chapter " Sasuke's Power!! Sai prevents Sasuke from attacking Naruto.

Sasuke uses Chidori Current to repel both of them and the rest of Team 7then proceeds to pin Yamato to a rock with his sword. Naruto, frustrated, struggles within his subconscious to refuse the Nine-Tails ' offers of power.

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He tells the fox that he is no longer interested and to stop bothering him, but is interrupted by Sasuke. Chapter " A Conversation with the Nine-Tails!! Sasuke suppresses the fox in response, and as it fades it warns him not to kill Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto return their attention to the real world where Yamatono longer playing nice, tries to capture Sasuke.

Sasuke escapes and prepares to finish them off, but is stopped by Orochimaru.

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Orochimaru says that Team 7 should be spared since they might kill another member of Akatsukias a result making it easier to kill Itachi. Sasuke agrees, and they leave with Kabuto.