Silvertone serial number dating

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silvertone serial number dating

Silvertone World is dedicated to the history, evolution and appreciation of Silvertone guitars, amplifiers, electronics, instruments and the artists who use them. Recently got a nice silvertone from a good friend - As the " " is the serial number, that would be the month/date/year in. Many different models of Silvertone guitars exist, but the vast majority of them can be dated via the serial number. In general, the older the.

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Removing the neck should be done by a professional especially if the guitar is not a bolt on. The date can be found on the neck heel with the Telecaster and the neck pocket as with Danelectric electric guitar. Most Danelectric, Coral and Silvertone guitar serial numbers are 3 to 4 digits and decode like this: The first and second digits are the weeks of the year. The third digit is unknown, and the fourth digit is the last digit of the year.

With Harmony guitars, the date is stamped on the interior of the back looking through the soundhole. The guitar is listed with the date of birth as an example H f H represents Harmony is the model f- 70 represents Fall of The Date is In the Serial Number If the date is not anywhere on the body of the guitar, the next step would be to find the serial number.

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Usually, this is an easy task. Not all serial numbers have meaning, but many serial numbers include the date, the manufacturer, and other relevant information.

Once you have the serial number, look the numbers up through the manufacturer or a guitar dating site. On the Gibson guitar, the date is written in the serial number on the back of the headstock and some early models on the neck block is done with ink or pencil. From to the numbers were penciled and hand inked. From to the numbers were ink stamped and not penciled. All Martin guitars since are numbered in consecutive order. They started at in They apply to all Archtop and Flattop guitars.

With Gretsch and Dobro guitars the serial numbers are on the side or tip of the Peghead as in National and Electric Epiphone guitars and the top brace underneath the sound hole as in Lyle guitar which is imported from Japan. The "10" is the 10th week, "6" is the unknown digit, "5" is the year For example, a serial number of would be the 42nd week of either or Check the model to see when it was produced to figure out which decade it is.

A serial number of would be the 5th week of or The serial number "" on the neck butt of a Vinnie Bell model.

Knowing the Production Date of Your Vintage Guitar

The "80" is the 8th week, "2" is the unknown digit, "7" is the year This was for new Coral models only. Original Dano models like the Longhorns, Bellzouki, Guitarlin, Double-neck, and the Convertible retain the older 4 or sometimes 3 digit system. At this time the Convertible changed to the newer 3 digit serial number system.

Models Available I don't have a ton of information on the different Danelectro, Silvertone, and Coral models available.

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From the above mentioned books and a couple other sources, I have tried my best to come up with a chronological order of models.

Danelectro Models "" Model. First Dano models have tweed covering, bell shaped peghead, 1 or 2 pickups under the baked melomine pickguard, solid Poplar wood single cutaway body that is Most are painted ginger color. Common colors include black, copper, royal blue, coral red, surf green. Models numbers include the "Standard": Same as Standard Shorthorn models but pointed control knobs and different colors and trim.

Model white 2 pickupdark walnut 2 pickuphoney walnut 2 pickupwhite 3 pickupdark walnut 3 pickuphoney walnut 3 pickup. Smaller normal shaped pickguard, pointed concentric knobs.

Basically a Standard Shorthorn model with vibrato. Model black 1 pickupblack 2 pickup. Concentric controls on the 2 pickup model.

Six string guitar and 4 string bass, single pickup for each neck, white to brown sunburst, concentric knobs. Bass and Guitarlin models. Bronze sunburst, 4 string model Also made a 6 string model Both 2 pickup with concentric knobs.

Double cutaway shorthorn body with a round soundhole to be used either acoustically or electrically. No pickup, blond, model One pickup, blond, model Bellzouki 12 String models. Single pickup model with a tear-drop shaped body, white to brown sunburst, 12 strings. Also made a 2 pickup model with a four point, tear-drop, sculptured body. Brown with gold flecks, 1 pickup model with "Tilt Neck" design. Body shape a unique "bow tie" shape. Guitarlin longhorn model White to bronze sunburst, 2 pickup, concentric pointer knobs.

All have Fender Jaquar body style longer bass horn. The "3" Slimlines have 3 pickups, the "V" Slimlines have a vibrato, the 2N12 has 2 pickups and 12 strings.

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Slimline type body, different colors and pickup configurations, short scale student model guitar. As the letter goes from A to E, models get slightly fancier. One pickup, round body shape, bulb peghead, no drone strings. The lack of drone strings make this a far less desirable electric sitar. Solidbody Poplar body construction. Coral Models Coral Longhorn.

silvertone serial number dating

Vinnie Bell Coral Sitar. Has 13 drone strings that move from the vibration of the usual 6 strings. Three pickups, 2 for the 6 stings and 1 for the drone strings.

silvertone serial number dating

Crinkle burgundy finish, 3 point body shape. Has a "buzz" bridge which similate the sitar sound. The resonation from the buzz bridge vibrates the top of the body and the drone strings.

Clear pickguards protecting the drone strings and Vinnie's name on the lower 6 string clear pickguard. Body is made entirely from Poplar, with a semi-hollow construction. Coral Hornet, Scorpion, Wasp models. Much like the Danelectro Dane series. Hornet available with either 2 or 3 pickups, with or without vibrato. A Vinnie Bell signature design. The Scorpion is the 12 string version, the Wasp is the bass version.

Hollowbody made in Japan body, much like a Gibson ES Hollowbody made in Japan body, thick body style, conventional hollowbody design, "F" holes.