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Feb 7, We adore our spouses and think highly of them you might even say we “kiss the ground they walk on!” They are THAT great! We've thought of. Ever been on a date that just went all wrong? If you awkwardly go in for the kiss and they pull away or turn their cheek Single Dating Diva. Aug 15, We adore our spouses and think highly of them you might even say we "kiss the ground they walk on!" They are THAT great! We've thought of.

Or, can you redeem yourself? Do you stick around or is it a red flag?

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So much to think about, huh? Easier said than done, right? All it takes is to lighten up the awkwardness or even just let it slide. Bodily Functions Gone Wrong Ok, this is embarrassing. What about you were so nervous that you sweat profusely? Both on the receiving end and on the doing end. So what do you do with that awkward dating moment? Also, be careful not to eat or drink something that might make you sick.

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Proper hygiene practices also help, if you know you have weaknesses then take care of it before the date. No big deal, but, completely embarrassing. If you spill on yourself then clean it and laugh about it, people like someone who can laugh at themselves. If you spill on your date just apologize and help them clean it up. The whole point is not to make a big deal about it. Well … not always.

What happens when you go in for the kill and they move away? Just make sure to respect their boundaries and pay attention to the cues they send you. Usually, you will know whether or not to try. This awkward dating moment can actually be turned around, just approach the whole kissing thing respectfully and not aggressively and all will go well. Running Into An Ex This has happened to me before, it was definitely awkward!

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How Many Frogs do you REALLY Have to Kiss?

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