Glacier girl ice layers dating

glacier girl ice layers dating

Ice cores are claimed to have as many as , annual layers. The planes are also on an active glacier and have moved about 2 km since landing. Ice core dating takes place on stable ice fields, not active glaciers. Net'Glacier Girl', the actual restored P38 Lightning (). In fact, ice cores in Greenland are used for dating, based on the belief that layers containing varying . Main · Videos; Glacier girl ice layers dating. It is apropos apropos that letting our snows lament you are sweating will expunge underneath some apropos veer.

glacier girl ice layers dating

To see some of this go to Articles and then to the Resources dropdown or click here: Two of the main methods used to justify an old earth are radiometric dating, which will be the subject of a future blog and ice core dating, which we will discuss here.

Ice Core Dating The process of dating ice begins by extracting a cylindrical sample, obtained by boring very deep into the ice. The layers in the cross-section of ice are then counted.

glacier girl ice layers dating

This process is similar to tree ring dating, with each ring or layer assumed to represent one year. The layering of ice is brought about by seasonal snow falls, different crystal sizes of the ice, dust and acids from volcanic eruptions, etc.

The measurement of layers is performed not only by observation, but also by measuring acid content and the relative amounts of the isotopes of oxygen 16 and For the most recent years, the layering is distinct, but in older samples, the weight of ice compresses the layers and causes them to intermingle and become less distinct.

Ice Core Dating

Consequently, attempts to count layers formed more than years ago become vastly less accurate. A report claims that layers equivalent toyears of ice history have been counted. Nine days later all crew were safely rescued by dogsled from their abandoned planes. The war ended and as the years went by, warplanes became rare and increased in value significantly.

glacier girl ice layers dating

As a consequence, efforts were made to locate these planes. This proved successful inwith the help of a sophisticated form of radar and an Icelandic geophysicist.

The story of the Greenland Expedition Society

Instead of dusting a meter or so of snow off the planes, refueling, and flying them back to the US, the team was amazed to find that they were buried 78 meters below the surface of the glacier. A possibly more accurate map of the ice core site is here. Why is it important that one site is on the coast and the other more than a hundred kilometres inland?

CD Airplanes Buried in Ice

Because of something called Ocean Effect Snow. This is also known as Lake effect snow and simply describes the phenomenon of greater snowfall occurring close to unfrozen bodies of water than distant from water. Greenland's coast around the crash site received about 1. How much snow does the Eismitte get? More recently and from a different, but nearby location: Both show average snowfalls of less than half a metre - the average in the image is 0.

True Size Map shows the size of countries without distortion brought on by using a Mercator projection map. Because Greenland is so far north, it looks huge.

The Wreck of a WWII Fighter Plane Will Be Unearthed from a Greenland Glacier

In True Size Map, I pulled it down to the continental USA and it is a lot narrower there - but still longer North-South than the USA so clearly saying the two events are in Greenland cannot mean they must have similar weather conditions I believe I have shown why Weiland's article cannot be trusted and is probably deliberately dishonest. Is there more to the story?

Yes, thanks for asking. In fact, ice cores in Greenland are used for dating, based on the belief that layers containing varying isotope ratios were laid down, somewhat like the rings of a tree, over many tens of thousands of years.

This is the only description of how secular scientists should those two words be in quotes? There is no attempt to show why varying isotope ratios should be incorrect either. Left out of Weiland's work is how ice cores can be calibrated by looking for volcanic ash from known eruptions. To summarize, not only are Weiland's conclusions wrong, they show a strange combination of in-depth research on certain areas and no research on others.

glacier girl ice layers dating

The highest quality of research is on matters that do not relate to the controversy being discussed. For example, we learn what device is used, and what it's parameters are, for melting the ice to reach the planes, but no details on where the planes were found compared to the location of ice core drilling site.

Further, they the two locations are suggested to be near one another -note the quote about metres of ice equalling years accumulation as if those metres were in the same climate zone. He brought up two rebuttals to my claims. The formation of lakes of liquid water somewhere on the glacier- The water in these locations could have been responsible for higher snowfall rates at the ice core sites.

glacier girl ice layers dating

He used the right term, but I have forgotten what it is. To my knowledge, the liquid water found on the glacier is a sign of a drainage area that sometimes becomes blocked and fills. These are not large enough to affect local weather and the direct measurements at the ice core sites given above show the snow fall was much lower than at the coast.

plucking creationism's low-hanging fruit: Greenland ice and icecores: the lost squadron

His second claim was clearly off the cuff but it still bothers me. To defend the claim by using the word 'theory' as if more than one person believed it seems deceptive.

Regarding The Lost Squadron article, I am willing to give my coworker the benefit of the doubt, but I feel I need to repeat that Weiland showed strong research skills when describing the aircraft and their manner of removal from the ice to have accidentally missed: Talk origins briefly discussed the subject on their feedback page in march '