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chabad dating site

NEW YORK (JTA) – Chabad has entered the world of online Jewish dating with three new websites and plans for ten more. The sites, which. Mar 22, perhaps if these are questions that aren't so related to you it might be a good question to ask if you are on the right dating website for you?. Full Name*. First Name Last Name. E-mail*. We'll be there! Please process our payment of $36 / couple and reserve our spots for Date Night. Fee per couple*.

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Many Jewish people marry outside of the faith, he said, not out of disaffection for Judaism, but because they cannot find a Jewish mate. Online dating is less threatening to Brazilian machismo than turning up at a singles event.

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Begun inthe site utilizes the Chabad worldwide network to protect its singles from misrepresentation and mismatches. Jewish singles get passkeys to the site through their local Chabad rabbi or by contacting the site administrator directly. Users browse profiles, but they can only chat with their chosen single once their rabbis talk and concur that the two have any potential as a couple.

chabad dating site

So far four couples, ranging in age from late twenties to mid-fifties, are dating seriously. Created as a bulletin board where women who run Chabad centers can exchange ideas, many messages on the Shluchos Network describe community members seeking mates.

chabad dating site

In these situations, the Internet comes the closest to the tried and true method — word of mouth — that has brought couples together for generations. Aside from mother hen watchfulness, Chabad sites provide other, distinctly Jewish perks.

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Program supporter Timur Mindich, another Or Avner graduate now splitting time between Kiev and Israel, has underwritten the cost of entire weddings for needy couples who met through Mazeltov. Floridians who find a mate through Chabadmatches have access to a rabbi and cantor for their ceremony.

Parents of these uninterested students often turn to her in despair asking that Chabad step in and convince their child to marry a Jew.

chabad dating site

Yehudis Bluming, Chabad representative to Duke University, has been taking a group of students to Israel since They return to campus invigorated and want to celebrate their Judaism in a more passionate and joyful way. Bluming tells of a couple that met on IsraeLinks who were both inspired to turn their minimal Jewish cultural identity into a knowledgeable one, and eventually got married.

He quickly established a natural rapport with young, single, secular Jews. So I started setting people up unofficially. The website, limited to Montreal residents, is a discreet, personalized introduction service for marriage- minded Jews that uses a network of 15 volunteer matchmakers. Severine Cohen, a year-old lawyer, signed up for JMontreal in The personal touch was important as well.

chabad dating site

A month after signing up, Rabbi Bernath introduced her to a charming young Jewish man. The two will be married in August. Born to a traditional Jewish family from Russia who moved to Cologne, Germany, she had limited interactions with Jews growing up, and almost none in her professional life.

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After attending university in Switzerland she began working and traveling in Europe, where she says she does not recall ever meeting a fellow Jew by coincidence. With no Jewish colleagues at work or in her social circle, Natalina found dating to be very difficult.

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They hit it off and talked all weekend. After the event, they stayed in touch and soon got engaged.

chabad dating site

Now, as she excitedly plans her upcoming chuppah in Germany, the woman who once considered marrying outside the faith is trying to figure out the complicated details of getting kosher catering in Germany.

Talia, as she likes to be called now by her Jewish name, is proud to be getting married in a religious ceremony and plans to raise her future family with Jewish traditions.