Small group bible study icebreaker questions for dating

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small group bible study icebreaker questions for dating

Bible study, at a Girl's Night Out with friends, or a wedding or baby shower, here are some great divide the group into smaller groups using one of the following: Childhood Icebreaker Questions. . Green – Share about your first date. e. I've written many of these questions on popsicle sticks and use them for EVERYTHING from road trips to small group ice breakers. In fact, I'm a. Contrary to popular belief, you can use icebreakers for Christian teens to Some games involve physical activity, while other games involve questions and answers. With a small group, have everyone participate by starting a hangman game with the Quiz · Horoscopes · Pregnancy · Dating & Relationships · Small Pets.

Ask group members to fill in and provide the missing word. This activity can be accomplished more quickly in pairs using a white erase board and access to scriptures with a matching word list for access with the appropriate fill in words. Miraculous Happenings If you could be part of any miraculous or other happening recorded in Christian history, what would it be and why? For example, how would you feel if you were in Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus, or in the midst of the parting of the Red Sea or amongst those who were miraculously healed at the Grotto in Lourdes, France in the 19th Century and beyond?

God Thoughts What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of God? This could be another activity where everyone participates on both an individual and group basis with either writing out the answer on a separate sheet of paper or on a white erase or chalkboard with answers being given in a spontaneous fashion.

A twist with this activity would be what was your first thought of God as a child? Greatest Christians past and present Who do you were some of the greatest Christians alive today or from the past. With this question, the answers can span from the time of the New Testament to the 21st Century.

small group bible study icebreaker questions for dating

Examples could include great pastors, prophets, theologians, saints, etc. Try to come up with at least ten 10 individuals from the past and present that have had major influences in Christianity. Me, Myself and I In looking at yourself in general, what are three things you really like about yourself? Another twist on this same topic could include what would you change about yourself that would help you become a better Christian? Testimony What event, occurrence, or circumstance in your life led you to become a Christian?

Was there a major turning point that led to acceptance? This could be either an individual or group activity that would help to put others at ease and to compare answers that might be similar in nature.

Icebreakers for Christian Teens

Everyone in the group is asked to jot down three different things about themselves and their line of work or vocation that is unknown to the others in the group. At least two of the items are true and one is not. Each group member presents their facts to the group and then everyone takes a vote as to which item about the person is not true.

This activity can have surprising turnarounds as well as help others to get to know one another. It can be done with an erase board approach or with individual note cards or colored paper. Let the whole group brainstorm and come up with the top five books and movies that have had a major impact on Christians and others. Biblical Person Encounter If you were able to visit heaven, what biblical person would you talk to besides Jesus? For example, the Apostle Paul would be someone from the New Testament era that would provide hours of dialogue and inspiration.

Christian Influence What Christian person that you have met and known has had the most influence in your life and why? That person could be a pastor, close friend, stranger, or mentor. What advice would you give a new Christian?

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What is one goal you have to strengthen you have your relationship with God? What is one song that has really impacted your faith journey?

What is a book that has greatly impacted your faith? When you think about reading the bible, what is the first feeling that comes to mind?

small group bible study icebreaker questions for dating

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? If you could hangout Jesus any place in the world, where would you pick?

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If you could start any ministry, what would it be and who would it serve? What is one crazy big, God-sized dream you have for your time here on earth?

small group bible study icebreaker questions for dating

Tell about a tough time in your life God ended up using for good. Tell about a prayer that God answered.

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If you could have a cup of coffee with Jesus, A. What would you guys talk about? What is the best way to show a stranger the love of Christ? What is one thing you would change about church?

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What do you think the future church will look like? Tell about a time you felt attacked or judged for you faith. How did you respond? Have you ever written a mission statement for your life? If so, what is it? If not, what might be included in it?

Tell about a time you felt God calling you to do something uncomfortable. What is the best thing that has happened in the past month? What is one gift you have that you love use to build the Kingdom of God? What is one risk you think God might be calling you to take in this season? Tell about a time a tough situation ended up being a blessing in disguise. What is one trait you wish Christians would embrace more?

What is a bible verse or inspirational quote that has been meaningful in your life? Who is one person you wish you were closer to? What is one cause you feel super passionate about?