The walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating

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the walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating

Yeun, Lauren Cohan. Daryl and Beth seek refuge in the woods, where conflict emerges between the pair. Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead () Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead () Add Image Release Date: 2 March This episode was all about Daryl and Beth, but I was fine with that. There wasn't much story line development going on, but the purpose of the. "Still" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on March 2, The episode was written by Angela Kang and directed by Julius Ramsay. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) explore the Original air date, March 2, ().

Defending themselves from walkers while working through the corpses in the pro shop and clubhouse, they eventually make it to the bar, where Beth finds a half-filled bottle of peach schnapps.

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She asks Daryl if it's a good thing to drink and he says "No. They leave the clubhouse for a rundown house Daryl had found earlier while with Michonne. After securing the area, Daryl brings out a case of moonshine for Beth.

the walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating

Beth is hesitant, as her father had told her that the wrong kind of moonshine could make her go blind. Daryl assures her this is good moonshine. As she drinks, she tries to encourage Daryl to join her, but he refuses, desiring to stay sober to protect them. However, he eventually succumbs when Beth has him join in a game of " Never have I ever ", during which Beth challenges Daryl in some painful ways. In his intoxication, he becomes upset and belligerent.

He drags Beth out to where a walker is approaching, and uses his crossbow to pin it to a tree; he then tries to teach Beth how to use the crossbow to kill it but Beth insists on using her knife.

The two begin to argue, Daryl calling Beth a "dumb college girl", while Beth accuses Daryl of not caring anymore. Their relationship grew stronger and for once, we got to see people enjoying life's little things. You know, like getting drunk on moonshine or setting a small structure fire. They're still camping out in the woods, spending their afternoons looting cars for supplies and some nights sleeping, armed, in the trunk.

The Walking Dead Recap – 4×12 “Still”

It's pretty scary, so no wonder Beth is looking for something to dull her pain. They don't really say a word to each other until after Daryl kills a snake for dinner, like the rugged hunter he is, and they're sitting by the fire chowing down on "Snake Jerky.

Daryl is uninterested, just like he's been with everything Beth suggests that they do. She decides to go look for some booze on her own and Daryl eventually joins her -- conveniently right after she almost gets overtaken by walkers. They walk until they find a golf course and Beth's all like, "Oh yeah, rich guys love to drink! You'd think a country club would be hitting the jackpot, only it's not.

It's actually of the most depressing thing in the world.

TWD's Norman Reedus Breaks Down 'Daryl & Beth' Episode

We're talking about a disheveled mess that was obviously used for shelter after "the event," but is now covered with dead bodies, including hanging ones and other apparent suicides. There are silver spoons and bags of cash to which Daryl helps himself and empty bottles strewn about. Basically, these rich people went down hard.

the walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating

The kitchen has already been ransacked, but Beth finds a bottle of wine. Except that 5 seconds later, a walker comes out of a walk-in freezer and surprises her: Beth is able to use the precious bottle of wine as a necessary weapon and fight off the walker, no thanks to Daryl.

But he reminds her that she keeps saying she can take care of herself, so he's letting her. It's a lot like the episode a few weeks ago in which Carl "becomes a man. They press on and find the pro shop, where Beth gets herself a new yuppie, pastel ensemble. As they loot around, they see a woman's body hanging with a sign that says "Rich Bitch. If not related, it's certainly a popular choice for post-apocalyptic shaming.

Daryl and Beth are forced to move when a grandfather clock chimes and walkers enter the room.

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: It's The Daryl & Beth Show, Starring Moonshine!

Daryl violently puts one down with a golf club just like The Governor did with Martinez! Finally, they find the bar.

the walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating

She sits down and gets ready to pour herself a big, warm, dirty glass of peach schnapps while Daryl plays darts. But instead of enjoying the distraction of a normal, teenage rite of passage, she breaks down and cries. Thankfully, Daryl drops his "I don't care about anything" act for a minute and takes Beth to have a slightly less abismal first drink.

Daryl Beth 4x12 Part 3

She's expecting a bar, but instead he leads her back to the woods, to a rundown shack with an attached shed full of moonshine. He says he found it once with Michonne, but he also recognized it from his old life. His father used to live in a similar shanty, always drinking in his underwear, spitting tobacco into a bucket and shooting his gun off in the house. Father of the year?

the walking dead 4x12 daryl and beth dating