Raising hope sabrina and jimmy start dating

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raising hope sabrina and jimmy start dating

"Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend" is the 14th episode of the second season of the Fox sitcom Raising Hope, and a special Sabrina proposes that Jimmy and his girlfriend go on a double date with Wyatt and her. Jimmy demurs that he has to work. The third season of the American television series Raising Hope premiered on October 2, Trace Gracia as 5-year-old Jimmy (credited as Trace!) The season premiere was released on the Raising Hope Twitter page prior to . Jimmy wants Sabrina to do the boring parenting stuff with Hope, and not just the fun stuff. Sabrina Marie Chance (neé Collins) is a character on Raising Hope played As of season 2 episode 14, Sabrina breaks up with Wyatt and starts dating Jimmy.

Virginia hatches a plan to make Sabrina jealous.

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Virginia calls up Sabrina under the ruse that she is looking for Jimmy and lies to her that Jimmy has a girlfriend and they are very happy together. The next day at the grocery store, it is apparent that her plan is a success as Sabrina is snippy about Jimmy having a girlfriend.

Sabrina proposes that Jimmy and his girlfriend go on a double date with Wyatt and her. Jimmy demurs that he has to work, then gets in trouble when Frank offers to take his Monday shift, freeing him and his non-existent girlfriend to go on the double date.

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Jimmy explains to Frank and Barney that "the girlfriend thing" is just a lie. Jimmy, Virginia and Burt can't think of a likely prospect to be Jimmy's fake girlfriend. That night, Barney runs to their house and says he found the solution to his problem. He leads them to an improv group and introduces Mary-Louise, who Barney says has been on Broadway the street and would be "the perfect fake girlfriend".

After a few hilarious moments between the Chance family and Mary-Louise, the fake couple Jimmy and Mary-Louise and the real couple Sabrina and Wyatt go to a Mexican restaurant for the double date.

Throughout the date, Wyatt is only paying attention to "men on ice playing with sticks" on the TV, while texting on his phone. On the other hand, with help from Mary-Louise's friends from the improv group, Jimmy impresses Sabrina.

raising hope sabrina and jimmy start dating

As a source of entertainment from her unamusing job, she spends most of her time drawing on cantaloupes and mixing up the cereals and soup cans her boss, Barney, being unaware of this. Sabrina immediately catches Jimmy's attention, but has a boyfriend, Wyatt, who is studying finance in New York.

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Later, while working for a client, Burt discovers that Sabrina is the daughter of a very wealthy family. Sabrina becomes insecure about herself, comparing her non-achievements to those of her friends and former classmates from high school.

Jimmy convinces Sabrina to confront her own shortcomings and to embrace her strengths, mending her relationships with her sister and her past friends.

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As of season 2 episode 14, Sabrina breaks up with Wyatt and starts dating Jimmy. After Lucy and Jimmy pass Sabrina on their drive to the airport, Lucy stops the car and asks Jimmy if he loves Sabrina. When he says yes, she states that what she's about to do is for Hope, so she can have a "happy family.

Personality Edit Sabrina has a very sardonic and sarcastic personality and is very beautiful but is nothing like Virginia In sergeant ways During Sabrina's relationship with Wyatt, Wyatt makes her take meds so that her intense fear of spiders could go away. When she was six, a spider laid eggs in her ear while she slept, causing her to wear pantyhose over her face whenever she goes to bed.

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However, Jimmy helps cure her odd phobia and, at the end of season 2 episode 15, Sabrina and Jimmy are happily seen sharing a bed blanketed by a bed canopy. Jimmy also states that she acted more impulsive and fun without her meds-- and that was a good thing, because it made the Chance family like her even more. Sabrina seems to be cool and collected.

raising hope sabrina and jimmy start dating

She was once described as "smart and insightful" by Virginia. In spite of this calm exterior, Sabrina can become very anxious and jittery, such as when Jimmy asked her to be Hope's legal guardian if anything happened to the Chances.

raising hope sabrina and jimmy start dating