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The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. At first Max dumps melted cheese and chocolate on Phoebe's head and . While reading the questions, Max starts complaining that those are not the things that. Jan 17, The Thundermans (–) Episode: Allison is concerned about Max's pranks and threatens to break up with him if he doesn't stop. the thundermans Max Thunderman, Addison Riecke, Star Show, Kira . Nickelodeon Extends “The Thundermans” Episode Order, Sets Preview Date The .. Fibi und Nora❤ Phoebe Thunderman, Addison Riecke, Kira Kosarin, Sweet.

The Thunder Twins work together to come up with a plan to defeat the evil plant. Max agrees to help Phoebe run for class president. The twins get the most votes in the class election, which makes Phoebe Max's Vice President. Phoebe admits that Max makes a good class president, after he steals and improves her ideas. Phoebe feels bad for Max when Nora convinces her to hurt him.

Max admits to Flunky that if Phoebe feels bad, he feels bad too. So, he tries to save Phoebe from the exploding vending machine prank.

Both Max and Phoebe call each other "good president" which upsets the impatient Principal Bradford. They both laugh at Principal Bradford when he falls for Max's prank. Phoebe and Max are revealed to be very smart at science and this is shown in multiple other episodes. Both the Thunder Twins take over their younger siblings' science projects because they're both very competitive. They both get kicked out of Billy and Nora's Science Fair for being a disgrace to the science community.

Phoebe keeps Max's secret when she discovers that he doesn't know how to ride a bike. Phoebe feels bad when Max is accused of being the neighborhood vandal Max freezes Phoebe when she sneaks up on him but when he realizes it's Phoebe, he unfreezes her.

Max and Phoebe can use their powers without going wonkers during the comet as long as they stay close together. Cole is concerned that Phoebe wants to be close to Max all the time.

Phoebe decides to stay and help Max instead of going with Cole.

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Phoebe helps Max win the dance-off. Max helps Phoebe win Cole back. Phoebe watches Max's dances posted online by Dr. The twins work together to fix the new car Max and Phoebe dress up in cow costume together. Both Max and Phoebe get another power: It is revealed that Phoebe is 20 seconds older than Max. Max creates a clone of Phoebe to help Phoebe with her activities. Phoebe and Max work together to stop the clone Phoebe. Max heads to the bake sale to warn Phoebe about her clone.

This is the Thunder Twin's birthday. At one point, they both say the same thing. Both Max and Phoebe find their parents birthday traditions lame.

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When Barb catches Phoebe using her superpowers for a sleepover game, Max advices her to put anti-superpower ankle bracelet on Phoebe so that she won't be able to use her powers. Max makes a deal with Phoebe where Max disables Phoebe's ankle bracelet and Phoebe gives Max's tv signal back.

Max misses a once-in-a-lifetime wrestling match to help Phoebe when her powers malfunction because of the anti-power ankle bracelet.

Max wants Phoebe to join the darkside and get revenge on Veronica for spitting on Phoebe. Max prints t-shirts for Phoebe welcoming her to the darkside and gives her a handbook.

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Phoebe gets furious at Max for betraying her trust and becoming Veronica's boyfriend instead of making her fail. But Max reminds Phoebe that there's no one to trust in the darkside.

Phoebe helps Max see that he's just one of many Veronica's tutor-boyfriends. Max attends Phoebe's choir audition to help her get back at Veronica. Thunderman Max admits to Billy that he cares a lot about Phoebe. They don't hate each other. They only bicker, which is cute. But when it matters, they will always be there for each other. Sisters are for life. When Phoebe pretends to be a doctor and is forced to make a demonstration to the class, Max comes to the rescue and the twins tell everyone that they can't work without each other.

Phoebe and Max are the leaders of their respective teams. They both cheat for their teams during the competition. A similar situation happened in season 3 where the finale Thundermans: Secret Revealed was shot before half of the season. The last live taping for the show was Make it Pop Pop and it was held on July 21, This season has the most episodes — due to the six additional episode order, otherwise, it would be tied for the most due to Season 3 having 26 episodes as well. Series Wrap Jack mentioned in an interview that they have a 5th cycle in their contracts in Nov Interviews with the cast during the show's th episode celebration suggested that the show will end with this season.

Through Instagram stories, Kira showed that the Hiddenville High School Set was packed up while Jack posted the last scene filmed in Splatburger before it's torn down. During the week filmingKira posted on Twitter that it's the "final Thundermans table read" and Addison mentioned that they are filming their "last episode". On July 27,Nickelodeon released a statement to J mentioning that the show will end after this season. The Thundermans officially ends with 4 seasons and episodes, spanning 5 years.

Premieres will continue to air throughout Banished ", but Nickelodeon aired the Halloween special, Happy Heroweenfirst instead. That will give Nickelodeon a chance to finish up the current seasons of all the other American sitcoms, as well as start their new shows. Max guides her across the room by holding onto her waist then her lower back.

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Max and Allison sit on a small love seat. Allison and Max win the first round of "Who Arted?

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Allison was upset and hurt when Max said that she wasn't his girlfriend and ran out of the house. Max sat down and cuddled the pillow clearly upset. Phoebe tells Max that Allison is his girlfriend. The family then point out to Max how much he loves Allison: Every time he sees her he worries about his smell, Pointed out by Phoebe He talks about her all the time, Pointed out by Hank He sees her every day, Pointed out by Billy He has a look in his eye when he thinks about her the same look that Hank Thunderman has when he finds food in the couch.

Pointed out by Barb When he had wanted the car, his first thought was that he wanted to ride around in it with Allison. Pointed by himself Max realizes she is his girlfriend and chases after her. They have a heartfelt moment. Max asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts. She gets properly introduced to his family.