Lisa lampanelli and dating

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lisa lampanelli and dating

Learn about Lisa Lampanelli's relationship history. Find out who Lisa Lampanelli is dating in , see their ex boyfriend list, and more!. Self-proclaimed comedian Lisa Lampanelli has once again proven her have probably been her funniest — unintentional — jokes to date. Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is heading to the City of Brotherly Love with into her dramatic divorce, dating life, and plus pound weight loss.

But that's another article. Lampanelli also admits that Jimmy Big Balls is an egg person and that he's the perfect fit for her sperm personality. See, Lisa and I are both sperm people; we are Alpha females who are used to getting our way. But unlike Lisa, I've notoriously been attracted to guys like me, other sperms.

lisa lampanelli and dating

But these relationships never seem to work out. Pat, says my perfect match is an egg because he'd let me take on the sperm role and make all the decisions, yet still allow me to feel feminine in the process. That would be the perfect yin to my yang.

Do you tend to keep quiet until it counts? You're probably an egg. Lampanelli went on to explain her relationship dynamic with Mr. But on the tough stuff [they] will be like, 'You know what, this is really important to me. But it's not like they're going to fight us on every little thing. They pick their battles and we don't. Everything to us is a battle. So it's just like, we need to pick a guy that will fight [us] on the important stuff and that will put [us] in [our] place.

lisa lampanelli and dating

They know what to let roll off their back[s], where we let nothing roll off our back[s]. Take this easy quiz to help you figure out your egg vs. Do you need to always be right? Would you rather be respected or cherished?

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Do you prefer giving or receiving? Do you flirt by looking into the eyes and smiling or by talking first? Looking into the eyes and smiling Egg Talking first Sperm 5. Would you rather protect someone or be protected?

Lisa Lampanelli

To me, it's acceptable if the joke is funny and if it is said in a context of no hate. It's about taking the hate out of the word.

lisa lampanelli and dating

Then in an interview dripping with White privilege, she told Pia Glenn that she doesn't plan on censoring herself because that would water down the art: But here's the thing, I'm not being pejorative, I'm not being dismissive, but I have to say I don't care. And you wanna know why I don't care?

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Apparently, she never once considering that those plus followers may very well be as simple --minded and thirsty for attention as she is. In real time, she is trying to figure out whether it's best for publicity to spin her use of the word as endearing or risque, when all she really needs to do is have a nice, tall glass of shut-up.

White women don't get to sit in their Ivory Towers and tell black people how we should feel about bastardized language historically spewed to demean us; they certainly don't get to browse through the Urban Dictionary and educate us on how we should collectively feel when, emboldened through its acceptance into pop culture, they grant themselves permission to fling it around at will.

For better or worse, that is our debate. As a community, black people continue to struggle with the rules and regulations created to harness the ugly power of the word.