Laugh factory chris delia and whitney cummings dating

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laugh factory chris delia and whitney cummings dating

Previously, D'Elia starred opposite Whitney Cummings on NBC's and I've performed at both "Laugh Factories" (L.A. & N.Y.), a number of You may have also seen her as a cast member on BET's #1 hit show HELL DATE. Stand Up Live Email List and VIP Club Chris DElia: Chris D'Elia is one of the most sought after performers in the comedy world. D'Elia starred opposite Whitney Cummings on NBC's multi-camera comedy Website & Ticketing Powered By LaughStub. D'Elia starred in the sitcom Whitney alongside Whitney Cummings. followed Whitney and her live-in boyfriend Alex (D'Elia) and their quirky relationship At the Laugh Factory in , D'Elia invited Bieber on stage and.

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As if to underscore a comedy club experience, Whitney is also punctuated by laughter. Don't call it a laugh track. An obnoxious protesting-too-much voiceover announces after the first break, "Whitney is taped in front of a live studio audience. Or laughs as if she does. Inside a club, perhaps, it's not necessary to acknowledge how the world works.

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In Whitney, the meddlesome details of reality that get in the way of Cummings' jokes are roundly ignored. At one point, Alex tells Whitney she can't wear a white dress to a wedding -- something that's not really common knowledge among men, but we can let that slide because they're an "unconventional couple" -- so she changes into a yellow one.

laugh factory chris delia and whitney cummings dating

They get to the wedding, and the bride walks down the aisle wearing a yellow wedding dress. Of course, she's angry at Whitney.


It's not inconceivable that a bride would wear a yellow wedding dress, though it is unusual. But it seems likely the bride would have talked to her friends about the dress she bought before the wedding, especially if it was an unconventional color.

It seems less likely that she'd be mad at guests for wearing yellow if she'd hadn't previously spread the word. Do Whitney and Alex even know this bride? And, if they do, why does Whitney turn passive-aggressive about her own dress, rather than congratulating her friend on the day of her nuptials? Does Whitney Cummings know what weddings are, how they work, or how you get invited to one? Cummings' background notwithstanding, ideally, Whitney might be a step forward for women in television, both on-screen and behind the scenes.

It would follow in the tradition of other NBC shows Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, comedies that are produced by women and focused on fully realized female characters living life on their own terms in a world that resembles the real one. Instead, with its stilted scenes, canned laughter, and handwringing about marriage, Whitney feels more like a step backward.

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laugh factory chris delia and whitney cummings dating

She's slightly less jaded about marriage in real life: On the show, Whitney takes issue with societal pressures to marry her longtime boyfriend because she's afraid of walking down the aisle after watching her mom and her dad each suffer through three failed marriages.

Although Cummings really did witness three divorces by the time she was 15, she joked that these days, her faith in marriage usually coincides with the cover of People magazine. She said learning that Tiger Woods had strayed and that Sandra Bullock had been cheated on in the same year was a tough pill to swallow, but that the royal wedding helped restore her confidence in the institution at least a little.

She and her TV boyfriend are really just friends: Although Cummings joked that co-star Chris D'Elia "is in love with me," the two have been friends for five years after working together as stand-ups. But they never dated. Cummings even said she wrote the part of Alex with Chris in mind. It didn't hurt that Cummings said every other guy that auditioned for the part "kind of felt like my little brother.

She's not as loud in real life: