Kirk and ella bachelor pad dating sim

Recap of Bachelor Pad Season 2, Episode 5: The Nearlywed Shame!

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating sim

Memo to residents of Bachelor Pad: No means no. during the one-on-one date they scored for finishing second in the Nearlywed Game. declare their intention to vote off man-code violator Blake, and spare Kirk and Ella. Bachelor Pad's fourth episode sees the departure of three contestants. she and Kasey, Michael and Holly, Graham and Michelle and Kirk and Ella make it to the end. by the power couple and their belief they have control over the game. Back at the house, Melissa is excited about her date with Blake. Bachelor Pad is back, which means for the next six-or-so weeks, your Monday new girlfriend, Jackie Gordon, who had just been eliminated from the game. After 'BP2' ended, he and Jackie dated for a little while, eventually broke up. Ella Nolan: Ella was unhappy with her looks after watching herself on.

So they are tied going into the final question.

Bachelor Pad 2: Kissing Challenge

Secret crush is the final question. I demand pogo balls! They watch the movie from a hot tub while drinking champagne, which is cool. Or rather, Vienna is melting down and Kasey is trying to stop her before she can really get going. And then he has a fit about her coming downstairs and cuddling with her.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating sim

And then it appears that they have sex anyway. Also, her nightie or her shirt? Is really showing her massive bra underneath. The next morning, Erica is definitely plotting to try to hook-up with Blake, while Holly practically pees on his leg by walking through the kitchen in a bikini as he sits there with Erica waiting to leave. It definitely helps her case when she starts talking about communicating with the spirits and her astrologer like a total loon.

Keep an eye on your drink, Blake. Later they get two roses, which they can use to save one couple but not themselves. Meanwhile, back at the mansion Michael is making an effort on Holly while Blake is gone. Back in Date Rape land, Erica is coming on so strongly to Blake that I am uncomfortable watching at home.

You seem so sad and desperate, girl. We just need to bond together as partners. If a guy were doing this, everybody would be having a fit. Later, she talking-heads straight up that she wants Blake to have sex with her. Like just lays it out there. Blake rightly points out that if the roles were reversed, this would be inappropriate.

And yes, just because you are a woman does not give you carte blanche to be a creepy harasser.

Kirk And Ella Bachelor Pad Hookup

Ooh, target Kasey and Vienna! Ella looks as gobsmacked as I feel. Why does everybody suck and not do what I say? Do not trust them! So Blake and Erica decide to give the roses to Kasey and Vienna. Are you effing kidding me. I like her and Kirk, I hope they rally up the others to get Blake and Erica out just to stick it to them.

They should have never trusted Vasey over Kella. Is it wrong to hope those two get hit by a bus? Blake and Erica made a huge mistake and they should be punished for it. Rose Ceremony Tonight the woman of each couple will be casting the vote for which couple they want to see go home.

She kind of equates it with her deadbeat mom being behind on her rent, which is SO not the same as your mom being murdered. While the rest of the guys respectfully plant a peck kiss on Holly, Blake goes in for the kill it killed my insides having to watch it.

I settled back in just to see Melissa begin to unravel. Note to self — Remember to eat a very light dinner before BP until Vienna is voted off.

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating sim

Does anyone else think Vienna is channeling Britney Spears from her trucker hat, cut-offs, eye-liner, early K-Fed days? On to the ladies. Ella, who also has a child but is here for the money honey, puckers up and is ready to get her make-out on. We did get two great pieces of information in this challenge though. As we all predicted, Kasey Kahl has bad breath.

I predict it smells like farts and dust Too gross? Woo Hoo Blake winning the challenge opens up the flood gates of crazy for Melissa.

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 2 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Watch out Blake because this girl is unrelenting just ask the camera men who have been chasing her ass around the house. She picks Kirk which makes me happy since these two are the only ones who seems slightly normal as well as deserving of the money.

She is out of control. And just in case you were on the fence about her craziness, ABC cues up the kooky music which just further confirms the madness.

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After following Blake around and acting super desperate, Blake finally drops the bomb on Melissa — he may not be taking her on the date. You can see the anxiety and crazy swirling around inside her, just waiting to explode out her eyes in tears of desperation. Yikes that was rough. So back with Kirk and Ella and things are cute and sweet and nice.

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 2 Contestants: Where Are They Now? – The Ashley's Reality Roundup

Kirk tells Ella about his college house from hell sickness and Ella tops his sickness by telling him that her step-dad murdered her Mom in front of her and her little sister. These two are precious. I heart them and I heart them even more together. They are sweet and I hope they win the money.

And if they get a little make-out in between, well good for them. This moment is ruined by going… Back to the Casa del Crazy. Romance at its finest. It is great having two boys fight over you. Let the madness begin. Including her hair tie. As the crazy boils inside her, Melissa plots Blake's demise. But did you all see her stirring that yogurt to death?

kirk and ella bachelor pad dating sim

Someone save that Dannon. I will leave you with my favorite Melissa line of the night. So I did my hair and my nails.

And waits, until Bachelor Pad cuts to commercial accompanied by the sweet sounds of his power brusher. Well played Bachelor Pad. To be quite honest, I am getting tired of Holly. While I could watch Melissa act crazy for days, watching Holly cry about having too many boys like her is annoying… and boring. That and that Holly turned her ear muff into a hipster headband.

Back at the pad: I an provide a similar recap to what was going on. She seems all ditzy and flirty and nice but what if she really is just playing this game like a pro?