Dating and epilepsy

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dating and epilepsy

Young people's experiences of dating and relationships were very positive on the whole. Most we spoke with said that having epilepsy hadn't had a negative. I met Daniel properly in He had read a lot of my blogs before we even started dating, so he knew all about my condition. So I never had to. by Lucy Moore | 26 March Today is National Epilepsy Awareness Day, so if you're dating someone with epilepsy- then you should know how to be an.

We are all human though and there are times however when any of us can forget to take our meds.

dating and epilepsy

Make sure you notice if this happens so you can remind them. Consider occasions such as going on holiday or for a weekend away - have they remembered to pack their meds?

Know when then their next doctor's appointment is - it's important that people with epilepsy get regular check-ups to ensure their medication is right.

dating and epilepsy

Keep on track of when their appointments are and write it on the calendar - two heads are better than one. Know what type of seizure to expect- They may have a tonic-clonic seizure, when they lose consciousness and fall to the floor, or they may start to act confused.

If you know what is normal for them, this will help you to identify quickly what is happening and how you can best help them.

dating and epilepsy | MyEpilepsyTeam

Be seizure aware - if they have regular seizures know what happens to them in a seizure and how long they usually last. If their seizure lasts longer than five minutes, call an ambulance.

Know what to do if they have a tonic-clonic seizure - Put something under their head - Do not put anything in their mouth especially not your fingers - Do not try to stop their movements - Do not move them during a seizure unless they are in danger Learn what they need after a seizure- after a seizure, you need to turn them on their side and ease their head back to help them breathe.

dating and epilepsy

Why do you think you're looking at the future? Do you watch or hear something and think didn't I just… read more posted 1 day ago I am wondering what rights I have, I am living in Louisiana and attending Tulane University. Two in October and two in December, Tulane has offered no or very little support.

I am in their MSW program and have just asked for a little more time on assignments after I have had a seizures. This past December when I had my two seizures, I had to get stitches in my lip and fractured my right shoulder.

13 Things You Should Know If You're Dating Someone Who Has Epilepsy

I have no memory of that week and I did some… read more posted 4 days ago sign up to view previous answers 1 of 7 A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said: I'm thinking either go to a different college I am still working on that little part it has some thing in it that stops my sizures so i want to learn from it every little thing even a best doctor could tell me it working.

Sex and epilepsy Whether or not you are sexually active, sexual issues can be important at any time of life. Many people with epilepsy do not have specific issues with sex that are caused by their epilepsy.

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For some people however, epilepsy may have an effect on their sex life. There are many possible reasons why sexual desire or arousal are reduced at times, and this is common in both men and women. Viewing problems with sex as a personal failing or weakness may put more pressure on you, and stop you seeking help for the problem. How might epilepsy affect sex?

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The most commonly reported problems for men are a reduced interest in sex, and getting and keeping an erection. Women with epilepsy report a low interest in sex, difficulties in being able to orgasm, or painful sex due to vaginal dryness or vaginal spasms. These problems can all have more than one cause, but physical causes may include the following: Areas of the brain which control sexual function can be disrupted by epilepsy.

Epilepsy Awareness Month: Seizures and Dating

For example, for some men with temporal lobe epilepsy, it may be more difficult to get and keep an erection. Certain hormones are needed to increase sexual desire and arousal. In some cases, epilepsy can affect these hormone levels. Side effects of some AEDs include reduced interest in sex, or problems with getting aroused. Other side effects include tiredness, disrupted sleep, or feeling tense or depressed, which can affect interest in sex.

If you notice a problem with sex before you start taking medication, the problem may be linked to having epilepsy and how you feel about it, or to something unrelated to epilepsy, rather than to your medication. How you feel In general, we are more likely to want and have sex when we feel well and relaxed.