Chris klein and mena suvari dating

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chris klein and mena suvari dating

American Reunion actors Chris Klein and Mena Suvari talk about returning to “ She's dating this really successful doctor, but she's really been. Mena played Heather in the first two instalments, though in Reunion both she and former boyfriend Oz (Chris Klein) are with other partners. Cast: Mena Suvari, Dan Fogler, Christine Lahti, Hayley Kiyoko, Natalie Gold You May Not Kiss The Bride (PG)Release Date: September 21, Cast: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid.

Growing up in Newport, Rhode Island, Mena was the youngest of four children to mother Candice, a nurse, and her Estonian-born father Ando, a psychiatrist. Having a shrink for a father could bring a few problems in itself, one imagines, but Mena insists: My dad would call me the apple of his eye. But even so, I was enjoying what I was doing.

chris klein and mena suvari dating

There was pressure because my parents had done this for me, so I felt I had to work, but I also found time to enjoy myself. Then three years later, she was cast in American Beauty as cheerleader Angela Hayes — a role which won her a Bafta nomination in The shot of her naked against a backdrop of red rose petals became an iconic image of modern cinema. I had to lie on the ground with my G-string strategically placed and everything covered up and taped, then the guys were standing on ladders dropping petals over me.

I was happy just to have a job, especially one where everyone was so nice, and Kevin [Spacey] was great, just a really sensitive guy during the more intimate scenes. I remember feeling very rebellious aroundafter the film came out.

Nothing is necessarily for ever, but to even have a moment of it is really special.

chris klein and mena suvari dating

I think marriage was my personal path and I got to learn a lot about myself during that time. They included a crystal meth addict in Spun, a lesbian performance artist in Six Feet Under, and a recent appearance in TV series American Horror Story where she was involved in a steamy clinch with actress Alexandra Breckenridge.

It was nice to see that we can make people happy and I feel blessed to be in a position to do that. I wanted to be the person who had ten different occupations over the course of my life and, in a way, The cast of American Pie I get to do that through acting. Would she consider marrying again?

chris klein and mena suvari dating

I used to plan and think: I love Suzanne Felsen jewellery. Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler's Mom: She's continued her trek through a mediocre character actress career arc with the Legally Blonde movies as well as Zoolander and Date Movie.

Since Coolidge is utterly recognizable and impossible to disguise, her prospects are limited, but she's found steady work thus far and will continue to do so.

chris klein and mena suvari dating

Chris Klein as Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Sadly, this guy slid into alcoholism that was also sadly accompanied by two DUIs and a stint in jail. Career wise, he's done several movies that you've never seen including the unintentionally hilarious Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Klein will go on to be a spokesperson for Hair Club for Men.

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Tara Reid as Vicky: She was supposed to be the next Meg Ryan or something. Instead, Tara ended up exposing herself as a terrible actress who dabbled in subpar liposuction and still continues to do dumb things like partying until her tooth falls out. Her career highlights if you can call them that include Josie and the Pussycats, Van Wilder, and playing, like, a really smart character in a Uwe Boll movie Alone in the Dark.

Tara will eventually be absorbed as part of the Jedward Twins.

Interview: American Reunion Stars Chris Klein and Mena Suvari

Unsurprisingly, he's starred in every one of the American Pie spin-off movies and also counts The Ladies Man, Bringing Down the House, and Night of the Museum 2 among his cinematic achievements. Without being too cruel, let's just say that Levy's future includes a great amount of voice work. Natasha Lyonne as Jessica: She had a pretty rough road after brief continued success alongside Ryan Reynolds' abs in Blade: Trinity and stumbled into heroin addiction that was extensively documented by Gawker in gory detail that culminated in a collapsed lung and threats of dog molestation.

I sort of blame Party Monster.

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Lyonne was at one time a very talented actress and deserves to make a comeback. Her recent episode of "New Girl" seems like a promising start, right? Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin Myers: He's perhaps the least recognizable main player of the original cast and went on to do some "Party of Five" episodes along with L. Maybe Nicholas would get a really bitchin' face tattoo, which is the only thing he could possibly do to gain anyone's attention.