Below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

Recap: Bravo’s Below Deck Pillow Stain-Gate

below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

I'm upset with how Jennice reacted to Kelley kissing her. created by hunderdinhoTeam Suspendeda community for 2 years . Later on he then feels trapped with her trying to move in after the season. where to go since her boyfriend broke up with her so she figured her and Kelley would live together. Oct 7, After doing away with a pesky long-distance boyfriend, two would-be lovebirds finally go all-in in an all-new episode of Bravo's “Below Deck.”. And I totally believe Kelley did this based on the crew members . I think Kate and Jennice won the reunion, though I still dislike how Kate treated Amy. Except the captain said how much she has improved over last year and . Maybe Ben and Kate could open a restaurant together after Below Deck ends.

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She thinks it all could have been avoided if Amy had just come to her and told her she was upset about her hooking up with a guy she liked.

She insists that she never hooked up with the guy anyways, they just kissed. Andy brings up Andrew, the deck hand that Captain Lee hired that lied on his resume and had no idea how to work on a boat. After a few disastrous charters — Captain Lee fired Andrew and sent him packing. Andy wants to know why Captain Lee waited so long to fire him, but Captain Lee was really hoping that Andrew could pick up some of the skills he needed o get them through the season.

Andy jokes that the funniest thing Andrew did by far was when he stunk up the bathroom and opened the port-hole while they were out to sea and flooded below deck. Jennice reveals that they are no longer together.

below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

Kelley says that Jennice was too needy and needed constant attention. Kelley points out that when his nude photo was leaked online, Jennice helped spread it around. Kate says that Jennice and Kelley had nothing in common. Amy knew that Jennice was having conflicting feelings, and she thinks they needed to be more on the same page. Sounds like a very bad expensive party.

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One of the other guests a nephew? And he tells her, rather professionally, that it is her job to listen to him.

below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

They were just really, really annoyed. Probably jet lagged and not expecting to be up til 3 am their own time to finish dinner on the first night. I wonder what that guy from last season who ran the bed bug company would have said. Kate and Ben do not end the evening on a friendly note. Kate has had enough. Perhaps the chef should be in charge of the laundry tomorrow? On the night they all went ashore, he was feeling bitchy because Jennice was flirting with random boys at the bar.

After the men of the crew left, some of the bar guys got rude and nasty with the ladies when they decided to leave Jennice was into them a little, Kate and Amy were being good wing-women. Amy tells Eddie about the guys at the bar but says not to tell her brother. So, of course, Eddie tells Kelley. And Kelley, of course, runs back to the bar to what… beat them up?

He reacted like a teenager. I get that it was his sister they cursed at, but to get off the boat and run down the dock back to the restaurant to confront them was a bit much.

Kelley is really hurt and needs to be left alone but Jennice just keeps going when she should stop. Kelley tells Amy all about it and his sister cries for him having his heart broken. You can do better.

below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

Lots of pretty single girls out there. Of course, he told Amy everything so is that really fair?

below deck kelley and jennice still dating after a year

UnintendedPerks Ben is still talking about the jizz pillow as he prepares breakfast the next day. He can see that any time. Seems that Beverly, the main charter guest, has invited Adrienne to be her guest on the Ohana and nobody on the crew knew about it.

Eddie flat out turned around and made a run for it. I wonder why Eddie hates her so much.

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I never saw them fight on the last season. I almost wet my pants laughing. Had to back it up and watch it a few times. Apparently, Amy caught her crewmate giving her boyfriend a blowjob one night.