Are matt and kim from catfish dating stories

Did anyone feel like Kim was freaking weird : CatfishTheTVShow

are matt and kim from catfish dating stories

They twisted everything so the story would be more interesting. . She is the single weirdest person who has ever been on this show. .. I thought it was funny that in the beginning of he “Kim & Matt” episode they were like. By Tara Ariano, January 16, in Catfish 70 posts. story Also even if he's a secretive person, Kim left the real bombshell out. . The three of them get in the catfishmobile, and poor Matt, poor poor Matt just gets to walk. No clue if it was a legit person but it made me sad for Norma. . Yes Kim and Matt (though not the same Kim and Matt from a few seasons ago).

This is all been marvelously easy. They even have a photo. How long has it been since she was on drugs? She never mentioned getting clean. This girl got a shit ton of really cool furniture. Kim just keeps crying with her hair covering her face and taking breaks. They are filming a scene in the bathroom with her randomly crying on the floor and it is pristine.

New trendy grey bathmat.

How This Man Went From Catfish To Godfather - MTV

Or the deal was he gets the plane ticket to California. NOW it makes sense why she got a shit ton of furniture and staging. They had a bigger budget because they only had to stage one property. She gets a fancy house makeover, he gets a free trip to California.

We have funds left over for driveway furniture! His brother just got out of surgery. He just started a new job…etc. No kind of job. Since Nev got married and has a kid, the only way his wife is letting him do this show is if she gets to be on the show. I kind of enjoy it. He says they need to hear it from her. Joseph probably got his thousand dollars for the show too. Where did Joseph get the shiny white car? Wherever it came from, he took the kid and left in it.

Now we have a complete set of wooden lawn furniture in the driveway. This has got to be rented. Kim admits it was her who bailed when Matt lived there a couple years ago because she went into labor. Kim is a horrible actress. When we get there, I see no large body of water!

Matt is hiding in a shady grove, so that is almost as creepy I suppose. Kim is weird as hell. She has her hands between her legs like she is going to pee herself. She is tripping in the most literal sense of the word, in my opinion. She keeps crouching down like she is peeing her pants. This is the fakest shit Catfish has ever done, and that is saying a lot.

Then she says she has a two-year old, and asks him if he would like to be her godfather? There is the body of water. I knew it had to be there somewhere. She professes her undying love for him at a picnic table by a large body of water.

are matt and kim from catfish dating stories

Then she says this is all pointless and wants to go for a run by the river in jeans. Nev and Max are left with Matt now. Because nothing says responsible decision making like an admitted drug addict picking a random guy she met off the Internet to be the godfather of her child.

Catfish: Kim & Matt

And talk to me about this baby daddy, Joseph again because this makes no sense. So the godfather from Florida brings a stuffed animal for his possible god-daughter. Given that Matt's face, from the bridge of his nose up, doesn't seem to be hideously disfigured, Nev and Max can't figure out why he's refused to share any photos with Kim. They then find that his default internet alias belongs to a profile on Plenty Of Fish, and assume that means he'll have to have put a pic there.

Once again, they enthuse about his "totally fine" and "normal" appearance, and it's not that they're wrong, but pretty much all this image tells us that the other one didn't is that he has both a nose and a mouth. Clearly what they want to exclaim about is that he's not fat, but they Anyway, they now have a new theory about why he's been cagey with Kim, which is that "he's dating online," and indeed, I'm not aware of other reasons people have profiles on internet dating platforms.

Then they get a call from Crystal, one of Matt's Facebook friends. While she doesn't recall Matt ever talking about his friend Kim in California, she does confirm that she met him a few years ago; thinks he's been "on and off" with a woman in Kissimmee, where he appears to live; and remembers him living in Sacramento for a while. She suggests that they talk to Matt's brother Nick, who lived with him, and texts them his phone number.

Way to be mindful of Nick's privacy, Crystal. She doesn't just text a phone number, though; she also provides a photo of herself that features Matt's entire face. This Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas-ass-looking try-hard.

are matt and kim from catfish dating stories

He's never heard of Kim either, but unlike Crystal, he doesn't know of any other current entanglements either. However, he thinks it's out of character for Matt to be "dating" Kim and not trying hard to meet up with her. Thanks for providing that promo-ready clip, Nick!

The Presentation Of Findings Kim demonstrates zero recognition of Matt's Twitter feed, so, as usual, her lack of curiosity is a crucial factor in her current predicament. Here's her reaction to her first glimpse at Matt's weird degree-rotated sunglasses pic from Plenty Of Fish. After rocking back and forth for twenty minutes, Kim finally manages, "I'm not sure if I should even make a comment. Nev is basically like, I don't know how to deal with you when you retreat into your hair palace, but she doesn't want to tell him and steps out of the room.

He finally follows Kim out to the yard, where she's sitting in a hammock with her head on her knees. Evidence Of Airbnb The First, btw. Kim says she suddenly started feeling "warm" and "overwhelmed" -- in a good way: Uh, maybe wait until you've seen all the evidence before you have a joy meltdown, Kim.

She gets herself back up and returns to the computer, and when they tell her what Crystal told them about Matt's maybe-girlfriend, she doesn't look any different than when she was "overwhelmed" with happiness after her first glimpse of Matt. And when they tell her that NICK said he DOESN'T think Matt has a girlfriend, she just shakes her head and hides in her hair again, and this is what makes her cry; before long, she's up and out of the room again.

This time, Nev finds her on the bathroom floor, where she mumbles, "If he's real, why is he hiding? When Kim's recovered what passes for her composure, she states that she does still want to meet Matt, but that she's scared of flying, "so unless there's a different way to get there Nev then calls Matt, and guess what.

Matt pleads "brother just got out of surgery" and "I just got a new job," while inside, Max comments to Kim that he can't figure out why Matt isn't sending photos or trying to meet Kim: Outside, Nev sweetens his offer of imposing on Matt a meeting with the woman he's been avoiding for five years by adding that if Matt wants it to happen, he's going to have to be the one to travel.

Somewhere around here is when Nev checks in with Mrs. Nev, who's even more useless than usual. Also, we briefly see Nev's mother, who I'm pretty sure is my age. The Pre-Confrontation The next day, Nev and Max call Kim to let her know they're on their way to the Airbnb to wait with her for Matt's flight to land, and she's all, sounds great, see you soon, in a very chirpy voice that doesn't betray that anything's amiss, which is why they're surprised when they arrive to see an apparently unfamiliar car in the driveway and a male butt getting out.

But it's not Matt: Kim called him the night before in a panic, because there were "some things" she hadn't told Max and Nev; Kim needs to tell them herself, but she asked Joe to be there to support her. It may be the case that Kim fell in love or whatever with Matt while she was still dating Joe in meatspace, but she apparently wasn't so devoted that she didn't This is Norma, and Kim's never told Matt about her because he had previously made it known that he doesn't like or want to have kids.

In that case, Max would like to know what Joe thinks about Matt, his daughter's potential stepfather. I mean, I imagine he probably doesn't think Matt IS his daughter's potential stepfather, given his stated views on the matter? Before Joe can answer that, though, Nev jumps in to guess that Joe probably doesn't want Kim to move to Florida with their child, and Joe agrees that he doesn't. I'll give her some benefit of the doubt and guess that this stupid smile is an involuntary reaction to her embarrassment and not an indication that she thinks this gap in her reports to Joe is cute, but that doesn't excuse the fact that this is the kind of decision you KIND OF have to run by your child's co-parent before you start giving it serious consideration.

Max recaps leave it to the professionals"Just add that to the list: Joe takes Norma from her arms so that Kim can have her big summit with Matt and the crew. I'm at least glad that Joe and Kim are no longer together because she clearly doesn't deserve him.

Nev, Kim, and Max sit down so that she can tell them the rest of the shit she conveniently skipped the day before. Evidence Of Airbnb The Second: Anyway, Kim says that although she was "talking to him" while pregnant, she "didn't get big until the very end," and though the obvious next question is what sorts of photos was she sending him at that time if this is a salient detail, no one asks.

She goes on to say that one of their scheduled meetings was scuttled not by Matt but by Kim -- or, rather, by Norma, because Kim went into labour. Max reiterates that Matt is on the record as not wanting kids, so does Kim think he could be a good father to Norma? She should know -- and if she doesn't have at least as much doubt as we all now do, she is really being reckless about her child's happiness.

And yet here she is in the car on the way to meet Matt. I really hate Kim, you guys. The Confrontation In a park, where nothing good ever happens Matt turns out to be Matt, and Kim is psyched but still extremely awkward. She can barely look at him as she talks, and Matt kind of looks like he regrets everything he's done to keep a relationship with this freak going as long as he has. Kim is too flustered to continue, so Nev asks why Matt never sent just one little video to let Kim know he was legit.

Matt calls himself "a secretive person, for the most part" -- a response of which Nev and Max seem suspicious. But Max says that the bigger question is whether Matt cares for Kim; he says he does.

Plus she hasn't even told him about Norma yet, so that's already more than she deserves anyway.


He reminds her of times they were there for one another in times of bereavement. Kim then seems to realize the conversation has come to the point where she has to come clean about her motherhood and asks if she can take off for a second, but Max and Nev refuse to play along, and Matt cracks, "The hysterics are nice.

What he actually says: Kim takes years to say she has a daughter who's almost two, and apparently this is something Kim has gotten very good at concealing, because Matt doesn't seem like he's had the slightest suspicion about Norma's existence.

He says nothing, which for some reason emboldens Kim to barrel forward: